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June 22, 2009

Christians are distinguished from other men
neither by country, nor language,
nor the customs which they observe.
For they neither inhabit cities of their own,
nor employ a peculiar form of speech,
nor lead a life which is marked out by any singularity

They dwell in their own country,
but simply as sojourners.
As citizens, they share in all things with other,
and yet endure all things as if foreigner.
Every foreign land is to them as their native country,
And every land of their birth as a land of strangers…
They are in the flesh but
They do not live after the flesh.

They pass their days on earth,
but they are citizens of heaven.
They obey the prescribed laws,
And at the same time surpass the laws by their lives.

They love all men,
and are persecuted by all…
They are poor,
yet make many rich…
To sum up all in one word-
what a soul is in the body, that are Christians in the world.

“taken from the book of Philip Clarke”